Music, Friendship, and Community in Victoria, BC

The Gift of Music

The urge to sing and dance is an elemental part of the human experience. Music and dance helps us make sense of our world, and fulfill an innate and deeply human need to create, express, and tap into deeper meaning.

Motown, Soul, R&B and Gospel music in particular is not only pleasing to the ears but also nurturing for the spirit and body. Born out of a desire to enliven and inspire and purposely designed to be shared, it’s the music at the heart of our Victoria BC based community choir.

Through our Choir’s musical selections, we celebrate and uplift the brilliance of the historic African-American music of Motown, Soul, R&B and Gospel. Soulfulness, fun, and warmth is at the heart of this cherished songbook, which is available through open-access to our choir members, and is masterfully arranged by our experienced musical Director, Checo.

The infectious melodies and harmonies, the driving rhythms or relaxed grooves, and the rich color of the sounds all converge as the power of the music moves us out of our seat, and into the moment.


Sweet Soul Choir is, by nature, a collective experience. When you enter a venue to practice or perform, you automatically find yourself in a group of people you have something in common with. As the lights dim and the outside world fades away, all that matters is you and the people in the room, singing and dancing, clapping and moving to the songs you love. The air of excitement and energy created together is palpable.

While our choir members often join because of their curiosity and appreciation for the power of music, many find that what they really get out of the group is a deep sense of community and social cohesion.

Now, perhaps more than ever, our choir in Victoria serves an important but underappreciated social role for the community. It is a hub for authentic bonding, artistic collaboration, and meaningful friendships.

“That was a soul and body work out and I’m coming back”
Longtime Sweet Soul Choir Member


The gift of music becomes that much more powerful when it is shared with a wider audience. That is why, since its inception, the Sweet Soul Choir has been dedicated to spreading the positive energy of music and dance out into the Greater Victoria community at large.

Several times per year, the Sweet Soul Choir seeks out a local, like-minded non-profit partner and puts together an unforgettable two-hour concert performance on their behalf. During these feel-good, get-up-out-of-the-aisle-and-dance performances our 40-50 person choir group delivers a high-energy, positive vibe that lifts the spirit and provides comfort and support to those in need.

We share the profits of all our self-produced concerts in order to help raise funds and awareness for worthy causes. We do this in the spirit of interconnectedness and generativity.

Our aim is to lift up and energize the audience just as we ourselves have been uplifted by the sweet soul of our choir.

There’s a Place Here for You

Like a pebble dropped into a pond, the benefits of participating in the Sweet Soul Choir ripples outward from the personal, to the group, and out into the community – imparting purpose and positivity as it flows.

Through collective song and dance to Motown, Soul, R&B and Gospel music, it spreads hope and joy and connects people more deeply to their hearts, bodies, and communities.

Sweet Soul Choir in Victoria BC is inclusive, requires no audition to join, and is always on the lookout for enthusiastic new members. On behalf of our Director, Checo Tohomaso, and all of us at the Sweet Soul Choir, we invite you to reach out to us to learn about how you can join our wonderful community choir.